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CCTV security to the car parks and entry lobbies

Secure garage parking lot

Card Access to the car park, entry lobbies, elevators-designated floor

Fireman’s Elevators

Four dedicated pressurized Fire Escapes

1 BHK Premium

2 BHK Platinum

3 BHK Royal

4 BHK Duplex Penthouse

5 BHK Duplex Penthouse

Separate VRF system for each apartment/BMS system.

7 = 4 passenger and 1 cargo/fireman elevators are installed

It is an Original Design, adapted according to the site conditions and design brief

It is located in a high wind zone, 10-14 hours of sun exposure depending on the season and an earthquake zone in 2B.
Fresh-air handling units are installed in the building and it’s a 4-sided ventilated building.
Our target completion is 1st Quarter, 2026.
All MEP outdoor units are specified to have corrosion resistivity, Porcelain tile cladding and double-glazed glass is used for easy maintenance.
Yes, in the basement.

2 dedicated emergency staircases.

There are no columns inside apartments. The layouts were developed on a modular grid to facilitate merging, if required, with alterations in the design (depends on approval).

Gas connections are given for cooking and electric water heaters are installed in each apartment.

Not a part of the building.

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